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Water Purifier FAQ

Nanofiltration, a state-of-the-art water purification system first developed by NASA, is characterized by its ability to remove harmful substances while preserving minerals that are beneficial to the body. In addition to its purification capabilities, its excellent filtration rate allows it to be used in tankless, direct-flow, zero waste-water systems. Its hygienic, convenient, and zero-waste filtration has fast-tracked it into being one of the most widely used water filtration methods in Korea as well as the global market.

The Reverse Osmosis filter system, often referred to as RO filtration, is a water purification system first used to filter seawater into drinking water. Although its abilities of removing fine particles from water are unmatched, it filters out minerals that are beneficial to health. To compensate for this, CUCKOO supplements the RO system with a patented “Natural” filter, which replenishes healthy minerals and provides great tasting drinking water.
Direct Flow water purifiers instantaneously purify water utilizing efficient, high flow-rate filtration systems. Water is filtered at the very moment the filtration system is activated and therefore removes the need for a water storage tank, which is often the cause of hygiene problems. Furthermore, the filtration system turns on only when water is needed, making it more energy efficient compared to water purifiers that consume energy filling up a large reservoir. Lastly, its tank-less build allows it to be compact and space efficient.
Only certain products are compatible with a separate faucet installation option.

- Installation of a separate faucet requires a down payment of $100 and an additional $3 dollars added to your monthly rental fee.
- If your water purifier is already installed, you will be charged $30 for the installation service for the faucet.
Your water may taste off right after a filter replacement. This is because new filters are vacuum sealed and stored. In order to prevent this, we recommend that you flush the new filters out with room temperature water for at least ten minutes, and wait a few hours before dispensing water to drink.
Take the following steps to correctly store your water purifier for prolonged periods of time:

- Close the valve on the water purifier.
- Close the inlet valve.
- If your product has a tank, completely drain the water.
- Unplug the power cord and store in a dark, dry place.
- When using the product after it has been stored for a prolonged period of time, flush the product for at least ten minutes before use.
You can have a CUCKOO water purifier installed as long as you are requesting installation in a CUCKOO service area. However, you can only have RO water purifiers installed.
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